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Creative Art Frame: Flora Vase

Creative Art Frame: Flora Vase

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Frame-Inspired Acrylic Vase

This piece merges the concept of a traditional photo frame with the practicality of a vase, creating a novel home decor item that holds flowers within its frame-like structure.



Thoughtful Elegance

The unique frame design of the vase symbolizes the framing of beautiful moments, making it a sentimental gift for a loved one.



All-Around Floral Visibility

Thanks to its transparent nature, the acrylic vase showcases the natural beauty of its contents from all viewpoints, offering a 360-degree visual experience.


Product Information:

Material: Acrylic
Surface technology: inlay
Style: Nordic style
Specifications: Transparent Vase
Size: 20 * 15cm
Packing list: Vase*1


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