Airtight, stackable, and endlessly reusable 🍒

Organize your kitchen with our sleek, stackable food storage containers. Keep food fresh, easily spot leftovers, and minimize waste with our innovative designs.

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🍃 Keep the Fresh Last 2x Longer

Designed with airtight dual vents, you can regulate the flow of air, in and out, control the humidity inside the storage box and help prevent spoilage.

One Product Endless Benefits 🍋

Containers include a small opening at the bottom that can drain out the water and can be used as a colander to wash produce or strain food.

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🍓 More Taste, Less Waste

Featuring adjustable, foldable partitions, keep fruits and veggies fresh and intact. Convenient dividers offer vertical or horizontal separation. Ideal for various produce, meat, and fish, our containers come in multiple capacities.

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Are the veggie boxes free from BPA, and what material are the containers made of?

Yes, our veggie boxes are completely free from BPA, prioritizing safety and product quality. These containers are crafted from 100% food-grade PET material, which not only guarantees BPA-free storage but also ensures durability, thickness, and a robust build.

What is the effectiveness of the sealing mechanism ?

The container is specifically designed to create optimal storage conditions for fresh fruits and vegetables. It features an excellent sealing mechanism that prevents any leakage. Ideally, each container have a humidity regulation feature, as this helps maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The dry air in the main fridge compartment can cause fruits and vegetables to dry out and deteriorate quickly, but the veggies boxes ensures they remain fresh for longer.

How to fasten the lid of this fresh-keeping box?

To ensure a proper seal, please follow these steps: First, press the cover down firmly to engage the sealing strip. Next, fasten the handles on both sides one by one. When opening the lid, press down on the cover first, and then proceed to open the handles on both sides one by one. Avoid opening them simultaneously to maintain an effective seal.

When not in use, do the 3 containers nest inside each other for storage?

Yes, indeed! The three containers can be nested inside each other, allowing for efficient storage when not in use.

Are these containers safe for use in the freezer?

Absolutely! These veggies boxes are freezer-safe, allowing you to store your food items in the freezer with confidence.

Is this fresh box dishwasher-safe?

No, the container is not dishwasher-safe. Exposing it to excessive dishwasher temperatures may result in deformation of the box. Therefore, it is recommended to hand wash the box to maintain its shape and quality.

Is the box easy to clean?

Yes, absolutely! Each part of the container can be taken out individually, making it easy and convenient to clean.

  • I seriously love these boxes so much! I want my whole fridge to be filled with them 🥰

    - Emily @emilyhildebrand_

  • As a pro fridge organizer I'm always on the lookout for products that can keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer. These storage containers can definitely do that.

    - Tania @homganize

  • These crystal clear fresh-keeping boxes are perfect for your meal prep routine to prep and store your fruits & veggies in.👌🏽 I use them in my fridge for storing all sorts of different produce, giving my kids easy access to clean fruits and veggies at all times.🤗

    - Jen @organizedandsimplified4u

  • What’s more satisfying than a clean and stocked up fridge? 😍🙌🏻 literally nothing 👏🏻

    - Mary & Pembry @maryandpembry

  • I like to spend an hr or so before bed on a Sunday to reset my fridge and clean the house before the new week begins☀️😎🌅

    - @shapemycloset

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